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Various pieces of art that take my interest.



Mary Jane
Mary Jane
Mary Jane and Jagermeister...(now you livin)
Nothing in this world make me feel nicer
But it's not your arms that are keeping me warm
Never go to sleep, never go home

It's 3 o clock in the morning
I'm driving down the street
So I can nestle next to you
And try to get some sleep.
But when I arrived you weren't there.
I started to get angry,
But then it finally hit me.
You nor my life were no longer here.

Cool breezes, bud, and licorice
Will replace the feeling of your presence.
I'll be back in a couple days,
But after that my life will be changed.
Set it 'em all up to get knocked down.
Lockdown calls like a beckoning swansong.
But it won't be very long until their all gone.
One by one we drink them down until we're lying on the ground.
So what about the bills you pay?!
Save up all your money just to drink it away.
Because if I had my say, I'd stay drinking jager on Magen's Bay.
Royal bwoy, who you rollin wit?
Matthew Smith. No sniff, just spliff
As if you had a clue of how much weed we fuckin' do,
We'd roll you up and smoke you like a Big Bambu.
Free all dem people in the prisons only guilty of possession

Take that surplus of money and dump it into education
So a smarter generation coming up can figure out
The problems that plague are society now.

These cannabis laws are hanging from venomous claws.
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Kelvin 'Levy' Hinchliff
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United Kingdom
Hello. My name is Kelvin though I do prefer Levy. I don't do much really besides playing games and listening to music. I sing quite frequently cause... Well the absolute enjoyment of singing is just enough for me to keep doing it. Anyhow. I love to write and that's what goes on here usually. I'm simple and care free and easy to get along with. I am Welsh so when I insult I don't always mean it in a violent manner. Sometimes I just do it for fun. Insults just role off of the tongue so easily.
If you value celebrities over real life people that you know and care for, fuck off and die. And if you have a 'crush' on a celebrity and say it around your partner or even me I'll be fucked off to holy hell unless we're just saying the person looks good. None of the whole I will be future Mrs. Blah blah. I'm a cynical bastard also.

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